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Website work flash Email Walkers
Cow & Gate
Royal Crescent Hotel
NEC Bike Show 09
Black Horse
Emma's Diary
Nursery Surplus
Creative Bath
Bath Life

Other work dvd
Halloween newsletter and 'Do us a flavour' campaign for Walkers.
Cow & Gate
To promote Happy Babies & Salt
content campaigns.
Newsletter for Creativity crafting &
card making magazine.
Royal Crescent email
A series of email templates for luxury
hotel The Royal Crescent.
bikeshow email
All the latest news on the 2009 Bike Show.
Black Horse Finance email
Internal communications template.
Emma's Diary
Community site newsletter for new
mums and mums-to-be.
Bath Life
Weekly what's on updates for Bath Life club members.
Creative Bath
Members newsletter.
Nursery Surplus
Launch of new website specialising in discount nursery supplies.
MediaClash email
DAB radio station availability checker